Our Story

iZarin was inspired through my twin daughters (Aiza) and (Zareen). So one day I hear my wife trying to call out to Zareen, who is the first twin by the way, exactly 1 minute apart! “AI” “ZAREEN” were her exact words. After hearing this for a few weeks, it hit me! The brand was chosen and iZarin was born.  

Core Values

iZarin now operates within the outdoor and hiking gear space. We’ve built our brand around certain core beliefs that include honesty, trust, amazing customer service and integrity. Our original aim is to help our customers achieve their goals by launching the up most genuinely useful products and resources.  

Our Talented Group of People

The team behind iZarin has grown from the UK to various parts of our exciting planet, taking care of product research, manufacturing, design, photography, content creation, marketing, social media and customer care. The 100% commitment and focus of this team is what will ensure that we never lose sight of our original goal.  

Lifetime Warranty

The iZarin range of products are backed up with a unique lifetime guarantee. We are supremely confident you will love them!